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3221 Bug Report crash always 2011-01-16 19:53 2011-04-01 01:12
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0003221: Start game error - unsupported russian
I'm not good speak English, sorry.

I encountered an error when starting the game. Tile version immediately crash. ?onsole version writes:

Unable to open DB: C:/Users/*weird signs*/AppData/crawl/saves/db/descriptions
: No such file or directory

My profile folder is named with Russian letters. Help circumvent this problem, please.

PS: Windows 7.
duplicate of 0002080resolved KiloByte Crawl can't access files in paths with non-ASCII characters 
has duplicate 0002963closed jpeg Non-latin characters in username cause crashes at game start 
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2011-01-16 20:25   
It's a known problem.

1. download the .zip (no-installation) version and unpack it to a directory whose path includes only Latin letters, or
2. create a Windows user whose name has only Latin letters (this works only because I see that Russian versions are only partially localized)

It is fixed in a development branch, but that branch hasn't been merged with to-be-0.8 yet.
2011-04-01 01:12