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12532 Bug Report minor always 2021-03-03 08:17 2021-04-25 03:33
Nekoatl Local  
ebering Windows  
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closed 0.27 development version  
0.27-a0-489-g24c7b1a3ef duplicate  
0012532: Prompt to ignore useless item
Playing Vine Stalker, I autoexplore onto an amulet of guardian spirit. This identifies it, but autoexplore still wants to pick it up and prompts "Could not pick up item here; shall I ignore it?" when I try to autoexplore away from it.
duplicate of 0012530new  Autopickup exceptions not being respected when stepping on fully un-IDed jewellery 
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2021-03-03 08:17 Nekoatl New Issue
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