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12529 Bug Report minor have not tried 2021-03-01 17:11 2021-03-01 17:11
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0012529: Vampires (and grey dracs) are affected by dream dust (supposedly they should be immune).
Firstly, description of dream sheep very poorly conveys the fact that dream dust is supposed to be inhaled. Until ebering mentioned that, I thought it was some kind of magical dust, and gargoyles, mummies and statue form just can't be put asleep by their nature(?).

Secondly, the subject of this report is that vampires are still affected despite the fact they can't breath.

And thirdly, I've just tested grey draconians. They are also affected. Their 'A' screen states they can walk through water but not that they can't breath. But apparently they can't as it was just said in ##crawl-dev.
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