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12256 Bug Report minor have not tried 2020-05-10 09:39 2020-05-10 15:14
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0012256: Spectators see time instead of turns (show_game_time).
I have "show_game_time = false" in my rc, however spectators reported they were looking at time.

I checked the issue more carefully and found this: when I'm logged in I see turns in all games I spectate (and most of them show time when I'm anon) - somehow my rc file affects games I spectate. Probably the described effect isn't the only one caused by this. !blame new UI changes
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2020-05-10 09:44   
By "new" I mean this issue could be several months old.
2020-05-10 11:08   
Apparently, this is intentional behaviour:
https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/1efe4d44ae08 [^]
And it's 6 years old, no less!

I think it's definitely wrong to make the watcher option that was described above preferred. What else is taken from watchers' rc? I didn't notice neither 10 lines of message log, nor item colouring from my rc in other games. So at the end it's some weird mix of two different sets of options.
The only thing that would make sense to apply (and that I can think of) is the tile and font sizes. And maybe the font itself.
2020-05-10 15:14   
Yes, the webtiles server uses a spectator's rc for various display options. The specific options sent are the ones in game_options::write_webtiles_options (current link: https://github.com/crawl/crawl/blob/master/crawl-ref/source/initfile.cc#L4513 [^] ).