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12247 Bug Report crash sometimes 2020-05-02 20:56 2020-05-02 20:56
damerell Both  
normal Both  
new 0.25 stable branch  
0.25-a0-901-g968d922 open  
0012247: Possible acquirement crash when no armour slots available.
An octopode who has antennae 3 and Sacrifice Hand may get a crash when reading a scroll of acquirement.

ASSERT(chosen_elem) in 'acquire.cc' at line 112 failed.

I think this is because it decides to acquire armour then _acquirement_armour_subtype() fails to work.

A possible fix would be to extend the check (class_wanted == OBJ_ARMOUR && you.species == SP_FELID) in _find_acquirement_subtype() to cover this case.
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2020-05-02 20:56 damerell New Issue

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