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12107 Bug Report minor have not tried 2019-10-22 23:09 2020-05-03 04:32
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0012107: Interlevel travel is broken (buggy now).
Right now I'm on D:15. Waypoint '1' is at entrance from Depths to Dungeon. When I issue command shift-g, 1 (go to waypoint '1') I get "Sorry, I don't know how to get there." However, if I order to go to Depths (effectively exact same spot), character travels there just fine.
Bug isn't tethered to waypoints: earlier in the same game I went to shopping list and chose an item I want to travel to, got "Sorry, I don't know how to get there." Ordered to simply travel to Shoals:1, and then to the item, worked fine.

Backup: http://crawl.kelbi.org/saves/Yermak-crawl-git-6c54e25894-191022-2059.tar.bz2 [^]
related to 0012056new  Depths shown as "visited" after Xom moves entrance around 
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