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0011831: Transmutation spells can show max duration
Commit https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/19699f695db2ddd37a155121367c3435a6f0a504 [^] says "The information that the player has maxed out their duration is not given to the player for other spells," however this is not true of transmutation spells at high power. Necromutation is the most obvious of these because it takes very high spell skills to cast, and gives itself a power boost on recasting.

I'm not sure if these spells are overlooked or not, but that commit suggests they are.
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I think these spells also should not give away this information, for the reasons outlined in that commit. More specifically, giving the player the information that their duration is maxed out allows them to calculate the exact turn on which it will run out potentially tens or hundreds of turns in advance, which Crawl generally tries to avoid.

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These spells were not overlooked. Casting a form will attempt to extend the duration, print a message if successful or not, and in either case return spret::success, deducting the casting costs.