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11705 Bug Report minor always 2018-10-11 11:23 2019-01-27 07:30
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0011705: Monsters who are immune to nets do not display that, when the net is thrown with 'F'
Using 'F' (shift-f) to throw a net will not inform the player if the targeted monster is immune to nets, the way that it will if a net is quivered and then thrown with 'f'. This is true even if nets are already quivered.
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2019-01-26 23:37   
This has since been fixed, I think in https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/e99ae73ce801d591271e6acb45bb620cc6e5c4d1 [^] - when F was made to be treated the same way as f for the purposes of blowgun chance, I believe this also affected the "immune to nets" note.
2019-01-26 23:42   
Indeed, 0.23-a0-542-ge99ae73ce8 fixed this issue.