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11453 Bug Report minor have not tried 2018-04-24 17:45 2018-04-25 01:55
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0011453: No Wizlab timing announcements
Backup game: - http://crawl.develz.org/saves/dumps/svalbard-870eee8-180424-1540.tar.bz2 [^]

In this game on Vaults:1 I got the normal "You hear a crackling sound, there is a Wizlab on this level! Hurry and find it!"

But there were no further announcements made to be able to find it, or for its countdown.

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2018-04-24 17:45 Le_Nerd New Issue
2018-04-25 01:55 RoGGa Note Added: 0032193

2018-04-25 01:55   
I've experienced it a few times with a Bazaar portal that was not accessible with auto-explore since it was blocked by a statue (or was in an exclusion-zone).
If it is related to this bug report, maybe deactivating the timed warnings was a way to fix being unable to determine the distance to the portal.