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11340 Upload: Graphics minor N/A 2017-12-30 01:00 2021-03-09 20:21
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0011340: Numerous tile changes, end of 2017
It has been around 15 months since I last submitted any tiles; life and career changes have kept me busy in other areas of life, but I still enjoy shuffling pixels around when I want to avoid responsibilities.

This zip file contains 119 tiles for Crawl, optimized and named but all in one folder rather than following the rltiles/mon/etc directory structure. Every tile includes an outline already, and most tiles have one or two semi-transparent tiles, so the auto-outline script should be disabled for all of these.

All equipment-holders will need new offsets for displaying equipment, with few exceptions (Orc tiles should still have the same offsets, but that's probably it). I did not make new playerdoll tiles for any equipment, but I will get to those within the next couple of years.

Labels for the display .pngs will be added as replies to this ticket shortly after upload. Many of these tiles are small color/brightness tweaks, but there are a few changes worth mentioning.

1. Priests now carry tablets instead of skulls. I felt that skulls on priests crowd the visual design space for necromancy-themed enemies. The symbol on the tablet seems like the best non-denominational way to indicate religion in a Crawl context. Saint Roka carries a tablet with the letter B on it, which isn't necessarily clear but I think it looks good regardless.

2. The new Shining One altar seems like a good way to stay on-theme while not referring to real-world religions.

3. Plants are now darker than most monsters but brighter than the floor. They're also significantly less messy (the old tiles were semi-transparent and had drifting pixels all over the place).

4. I added the green summoning circle graphic to several enemies that are heavy on summons. I don't think every summoner-style enemy should necessarily have these circles, but at least these enemies should.

5. Entropy weavers, Deep Elf Elementalists, and Wyrmbane have multiple tiles:

5a. In an ideal world, entropy weavers should appear as entropy_weaver.png most of the time, as entropy_weaver1.png when charging up Entropic Weave, and as entropy_weaver2.png right AFTER they corrode the player (when unwary players will be trying to figure out what dumped all the corrosion on them). If this isn't possible, just use entropy_weaver1.png.

5b. Deep Elf Elementalists should cycle through their tiles in order like fire vortices. This seemed like the best way to show all four elements, plus I think it would serve as a good visual support when you're clicking through all your consumables with a screen full of elves.

5c. Wyrmbane should show up as urand_wyrmbane.png and should "level up" to the next visuals at enchantment levels +10, +12, +15, and +18.

6. zombie_troll.png was left out of my last submission (9951) but I think that was an error. zombie_adder.png from 9951 was actually supposed to be a replacement for zombie_snake.png but I can make some more zombie tiles, they're surprisingly pleasant to make. Whenever I make derived undead tiles, somebody tells me "we might remove derived undead someday" but I'll keep making them until then. Oh, I also think that zombie_elf.png should be removed and that humans/elves should share zombie tiles.

7. I re-submitted several demons from 9951: the cacodemon, hell beast, tormenter, and hellion. I think the hellion was left out accidentally last time, as well -- it's just a minor recolor -- but I simply want to re-submit for re-consideration.
zip file icon 2017_crawl_tiles.zip [^] (116,917 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:00
png file icon altar&plants.png [^] (39,992 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:01

png file icon elves.png [^] (62,326 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:01

png file icon weapons.png [^] (91,282 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:02

png file icon undead.png [^] (50,330 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:02

png file icon misc_a.png [^] (85,844 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:04

png file icon misc_b.png [^] (82,793 bytes) 2017-12-30 01:05

png file icon demon_blade3.png [^] (1,044 bytes) 2017-12-30 21:18

png file icon wights.png [^] (104,625 bytes) 2018-01-02 19:28
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2017-12-30 01:07   
Deep Elf Archer, Deep Elf Master Archer
Deep Elf Mage, Deep Elf Sorcerer
Deep Elf Knight, Deep Elf Blademaster
Deep Elf High Priest, Deep Elf Demonologist, Deep Elf Death Mage, Deep Elf Annihilator
Deep Elf Elementalist
Dowan, Dowan2, Duvessa, Duvessa2
2017-12-30 01:10   
randart mace, randart flail, randart morningstar, randart eveningstar
randart hand axe, randart war axe, randart broad axe
randart dagger, (randart short sword redacted), randart rapier
randart falchion, randart long sword, randart scimitar, randart demon blade
randart greatsword (oops, just the one on the right)
sling, ego sling, randart sling
fustibalus, ego fustibalus, randart fustibalus
randart trident
staff of Wucad Mu, Majin-Bo, Leech
2017-12-30 01:11   
Zombies: Spriggan, naga, draconian, yak, bear, harpy, winged quadruped, killer bee, "bug", troll.
Skeletons: Centaur, naga, draconian, large quadruped, winged quadruped.
2017-12-30 01:14   
Soul eater, wight, efreet, ice fiend, ushabti, tormenter, cacodemon, hell beast, hellion;
Vampire mosquito, killer bee, queen bee, worker ant, soldier ant, queen ant, water moccasin, anaconda;
Orc priest, orc high priest, orc sorcerer, Saint Roka;
Boggart, kobold demonologist;
Erica, Erica swordless, Frances, Margery, Maurice, Harold, Bai Suizhen, Bai Suizhen dragon form, Gastronok;
Entropy weaver,
Mummy, guardian mummy, mummy priest, greater mummy, Menkaure, Khufu
2017-12-30 21:19   
The aura on the demon blade tile didn't go all the way around, so I corrected it.
2018-01-02 19:27   
Thanks! I've added all of these in the following commits:

1a75fae92e Updated entropy weaver and tormentor tiles (roctavian, 0011340)
f0aab74805 A batch of updated monster tiles (roctavian, 0011340)
2b19ae80be A new Shining One altar tile (roctavian, 0011340)
0048ff4e5f A batch of updated artefact weapon tiles (roctavian, 0011340)
16654a88af A batch of updated elven monster tiles (roctavian, 0011340)
ea546f9397 Some tweaks to plant tiles (roctavian, 0011340)
c143208b47 New and updated zombie and skeleton monster tiles ...

I used the second entropy weaver tile as we discussed, since those only have a normal one-turn spell and that second tile is probably the best rendition. For deep elf elementalists and wyrmbane, there needs to be some code support, so I'll leave this bug open until that's implemented. Depending on whether I have time, those changes might not make this release, but for now DE elementalist and Wyrmbane uses the first of their new varients.

We discussed how it might be good to rework the tormentor tile so that the purple is not so garish, but we're using the new tile for the time being.

The wight tile has a problem I tried to fix in 8067ad7ce2 where it had bad weapon offsets. Unfortunately, even after that commit, its weapon hand is placed too far to the left so that some weapons like battleaxes and scimitars get cut off. I the hand is possibly also a couple pixels too high, so that the weapon may be crossing into the northern adjacent tile. See the screenshot I've uploaded to demonstrate the problem.

Could the wight tile be reworked to fix this? I'm not sure if you're able to do builds to test your tiles in-game when monsters wield weapons. If not, it may be hard to identify problems like this, so we can just test after you submit.
2020-05-02 10:03   
Guess it's good to mention it here, as the ticket is still open: both the Wyrmbane and Elementalist changes are now implemented:

https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/b7544fd237a2ed3719f252de216f024b95136a84 [^]
https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/497542d149fbe258183e510df718ceed1bff4d82 [^]

Not sure if you (roctavian) are still reading this, but all these tiles are amazing, thank you!
2021-02-28 20:41   
You may be surprised to hear, but yes I am still around. I've had a handful of tile improvements in the back of my mind over the last couple years, and plan to submit some tiles for consideration in a few months. I'm not sure if anyone else got around to fixing tiles for weapon offsets (some of that was intentional back in the day b/c pushing past tile borders to create more unique silhouettes is my MO, even if that causes screen artifacting and what have you) but I can address that at some point if anyone is still interested.
2021-02-28 20:54   
That sounds great! Very excited to hear from you :)

Are you thinking of implementing tiles for any of the new monsters, e.g. Dread Lich or deep elf zephyrmancer?
2021-03-09 20:21   
There are also new Vaults monsters (in a branch): Icegrip Stalwarts, Ironbound Thunderhulks, and Ironwhip Beastmasters (all humans) needing tiles, though CanOfWorms might get to them first.