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How to use the tracker and wiki (Updated Mar 2019)

The Mantis tracker is used for reporting bugs and in some cases, submitting patches, graphics and vaults. The wiki has in the past been used for requesting features, discussing ideas and providing feedback; you are welcome to continue to use it, but be aware that the current dev team is not making much active use of it, instead preferring the Github wiki.

Important note: Please make sure your browser accepts cookies from this site before you continue.

You need to create an account to be able to create and edit wiki pages, file issues and post your comments.

If you have a bug to report
  1. Make sure it hasn't been reported yet:
    - Search the tracker if it was already reported. You can also check the github issues (though we tend to prefer Mantis for new bug reports).
    - You can also search through the list of changes to see if the bug you found has been fixed already.
  2. Either add your comments to the existing bug or report it as a new bug here:
    Choose "Bug Report" as the category. More instructions on the page.

If you have an idea for a feature or bugfix

Currently, we prefer changes as a Github Pull Request. However, for some changes Mantis may be appropriate, such as vaults or graphics where the file-uploading format is useful, or in circumstances where a contributor prefers not to use Github for one reason or another. If you do choose to submit changes on Mantis, be aware that because of the extremely large number of issues, it is easier for a patch to get lost on Mantis than on Github, so some followup via other channels may be required.

For more information on contributing, please see the contribution guide document in the DCSS repository.

Reaching the developer team for further questions

Do not use the tracker to ask questions or start discussions.

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