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0007247 [DCSS] Patches feature N/A 2013-06-23 14:14 2014-01-26 22:45
Reporter pubby View Status public  
Assigned To KiloByte
Priority normal Resolution done Local or Remote Both
Status resolved   Operating System All
Projection none   Console or Tiles Both
ETA none Fixed in Branch 0.14 ancient branch Product Branch 0.13 ancient branch
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Summary 0007247: 4 new artefacts (no tiles)
Description Trog's Gloves:
Trog's hand in glove form. It gives your UC an antimagic brand.

Moon troll leather armour:
Double regen branded with spirit shield.

Boots of Ultimate Suction:
Let's you cling to walls and provides trample resistance.

Macabre Finger Necklace: (the best of the bunch)
A warding amulet that provides you with another ring slot.
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Attached Files ? file icon pubby_unrandarts.patch [^] (35,617 bytes) 2013-06-23 14:14 [Show Content]
? file icon pubby_unrandarts2.patch [^] (37,484 bytes) 2013-06-24 04:06 [Show Content]
? file icon 0001-Change-Trog-s-Gloves-to-antimagic-while-berserk.patch [^] (2,162 bytes) 2013-09-01 23:18 [Show Content]
? file icon 0002-Fix-Rename-boots-of-suction-into-boots-of-bonding.patch [^] (3,496 bytes) 2013-09-01 23:18 [Show Content]

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pubby (reporter)
2013-06-23 15:40

I realized that I didn't properly handle cursed gloves interacting with rings. I wrote a fix, but I'll wait til tomorrow to post an updated patch.
mumra (developer)
2013-06-24 16:43
edited on: 2013-06-24 16:43

Trog's Gloves:
Can't really comment on this, might be interesting; popular opinion is generally that UC doesn't need any buffs (at least this is the usual comment to suggestions for e.g. spiked knuckles).

Moon troll armour:
Silly name, way overpowered.

Boots of Ultimate Suction:
Also a silly name, the effect might be ok, it's at least not as OP as boots of running. I'd suggest something along the lines of "Boots of the Spider", "Boots of the Arachnid" or just "Boots of Clinging" for the name. Boring, I know, but the idea of suction cups on the feet is heavily anachronistic.

Macabre Finger Necklace:
If god meant for us to wear rings around our necks why did he give us fingers.
Also see my comments about the same idea in this thread: [^]

dpeg (administrator)
2013-06-24 18:54

I don't think these unrandarts are too strong.

Giving UC a strong brand does seem questionable, though.

The boots have an unacceptable name, as mumra pointed out. The effect seems interesting enough to me.

A quick ##crawl-dev discussion on the amulet-ring showed disagreement: mumra argued it's too strong, kilobyte argued it's too weak, I say it's probably okay. kilobyte mentioned that code complexity may be too much -- since I would really like something similar for random gods (additional divine ring fingers), I am all for having this unrandart.

pubby: Regardless what comes out of this, many thanks!
mumra (developer)
2013-06-24 19:28

I think I was misjudging the relative strengths of amulets and rings; I'm still not sure how interesting the decision offered by the amulet is ... making decisions meaningful is very often about restricting options rather than making too many available. Still, I am sitting on the fence on this. The flavour does have a nice macabre quality.

The armour regen isn't as strong as I originally thought, so maybe that's ok (Moon Troll might still be a bad name though, this was originally an obscure joke I believe)
pubby (reporter)
2013-06-25 03:59
edited on: 2013-06-25 04:00

> kilobyte mentioned that code complexity may be too much

I think I actually reduced the code complexity. The original ring code was duplicated to handle Octopodes with functions with names like _puton_ring_octopode. I moved everything into single functions which could handle any amount of ring slots. was actually reduced in LOC.

KiloByte (manager)
2013-08-28 01:06

I've split the patch into four commits (to make it easier to review) and pushed to a branch "buppy_arts".

What now? Obviously, the name of Ultimate Suction sucks (apt!), so this needs to be renamed.
neil (administrator)
2013-08-29 07:20
edited on: 2013-08-29 07:20

Boots of tenacity? Tackety boots? Boots of the hobnail?

pubby (reporter)
2013-08-29 08:15

Gelatinous galoshes? Clingy clogs? Sticky sandals?

I'll fix these artefacts and resubmit.
KiloByte (manager)
2013-08-29 11:44

Because of the description, I like mumra's naming suggestions. They also match the primary visible function: trample has hardly any practical effect.

þuþþy: could you please either base your edits on split commits I pushed to gitorious, or alternatively as additional commits atop of them (or your original monolithic patch, they're identical except for rebasing onto current trunk)?
KiloByte (manager)
2013-08-29 15:35

There's a question which of the artefacts should go in, too.

The boots are worse than ordinary boots of flying (trample resistance is, I'd say worse than benefits from flying over clinging). An underpowered unrand is not necessarily bad, though.

The ring amulet could go in, especially considering dpeg's request for divine slots.

I'd vote +1 to moon troll leather.

Trog's gloves... I like them somewhat less, but with no other input I'd commit them.
evilmike (developer)
2013-08-29 20:49

I don't think any of these artifacts are worth adding except for the armour one.

The boots aren't just an underpowered artefact, they are worse than one of the standard boot egos, which makes them pretty dull in my opinion.

I don't like the amulet because I don't think players should be allowed to get more than two ring slots (except MAYBE from whatever randgod stuff is being worked on). My objection isn't to do with power, it's more that I prefer equipment slots to be an intrinsic thing, only changable by mutations. I don't like the idea that you can gain/lose a slot at will like that.

The gloves just seem very limited to me. Crawl has a lot of artefacts with a small niche, but these in particular require you to be unarmed, not using spells (especially transmutations), not a be troll or other race that is blocked from using gloves, and actually find the artefact.
KiloByte (manager)
2013-09-02 01:10

Mooner is in.
KiloByte (manager)
2013-09-22 22:25

The finger necklace is in, in [next].

Do we want the rest?
Kate (developer)
2013-09-23 22:42

I'm with evilmike on the boots, they look very underwhelming.

No idea on the gloves, they look better than before with the most recent patch but I'm not that keen on how closely they're tied to a single god ability.
KiloByte (manager)
2014-01-26 22:44

3/4 in, I think it's closing time.

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