Go forth and aid the weak!
Gretell says...
wight (z)

An ancient warrior, kept in a state of perpetual undeath by its desire to die with honour in battle.

Speed: 10 | HD: 3 | HP: 9-24 | AC/EV: 4/10 | Damage: 8(drain) | undead, weapons, items, doors, evil | Resistances: magic(16), cold++, poison+++, drown, rot+++, neg+++, torm | Vulnerabilities: holy++ | XP: 59 | Size: Medium | Intelligence: normal.
Henzell says...
  1. Early monster with a draining attack. Generated in packs. Weapon has an extra 1/3 chance to be cursed.
  2. Two wongs do not combine to make this monster.

Information based on master branch and the great LearnDB.
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