Blood and souls for Makhleb!
Gretell says...
Menkaure (M)

A fair and noble ruler of an ancient and mighty kingdom, mummified after an early death. His faithful priests subsequently infused him with great and powerful magic, seeking to grant him eternal life. Now he is forgotten and reduced to mouldering bandages and dry, brittle bones.

Speed: 8 | HD: 3 | HP: 19-29 | AC/EV: 3/6 | Damage: 25 | undead, doors, evil, spellcaster, see invisible, unbreathing | Resistances: magic(20), cold, poison+++, drown, miasma, neg+++, torm | Vulnerabilities: fire, holy | XP: 170 | Spells: pain (d14), haste, s.torment | Size: Medium | Intelligence: human.
Henzell says...
  1. A unique, early mummy, also found in Ossuary. Knows pain, torment, and haste. Orc-wizard magenta! Before 0.17 gave normal mummy death curses.
  2. Don't leave him for the endgame: !lm ionfrigate hofi uniq=menkaure 1 -tv

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